Zentherapy® Adopts Yakushi Nyorai

International Zentherapy® Institute has adopted Yakushi Nyorai as its patron. Yakushi Nyorai is known as the Healing Buddha who made twelve vows to save all sentient beings. Two of his vows were specific to curing all manners of disease, including ignorance-the most fundamental of all illnesses and the source of suffering. He also pledged to help anyone who heard his name. "By calling on the Buddha of Healing and striving for wholesome change, one can have a spiritual rebirth and gain freedom from the patterns of unrestrained greed, anger and egocentric emotional response."

The aim of Zentherapy® parallels Yakushi Nyorai's vow to help people. Dub Leigh believes that by freeing the body of abberations and trauma held in the tissue, the body changes; as the body changes, the mind and the spirit change. Dub has stated, "The goal of Zentherapy® is for both the practitioner and the client to become as free as a child: free from fear, hate, greed and pain. Fully living each moment by moment."

Yakushi Nyorai Omamori and Honzon Set

Two Items are now available to International Zentherapy® Institute, Inc. for students and practitioners of Zentherapy®. The Omamori is a personal amulet and the honzon set is the statue of Yakushi Nyorai in its housing. These items serve to remind us of the essence of Yakushi Nyorai's vows and to help us to remember that we are always in training and that our goal is to help people.

Yakushi Nyorai Omamori.

Yakushi Nyorai omamori were specially ordered from Japan by Chozen-ji. Hosokawa Roshi, assisted by seventeen Chozen-ji priests, performed a special blessing of the omamori and chanted the mantra for Yakushi Nyorai.

As a personal amulet, the omamori should be carried with you wherever you practice Zentherapy®. It is available through the International Zentherapy® Institute office in Honolulu or at Zentherapy® trainings.

Traditionally, in December omamori for the new year are blessed. Old omamori are returned to their place of origin and new omamori are purchased.


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